Wireless PC Card

Article Number: 001895

The key features of the MA301 Wireless PCI adapter are:

  •  Reliable IEEE 802.11b standard-based wireless technology.
  •  11Mbps high rate speed. Wireless nodes negotiate to operate in the optimal data transfer rate. In a noisy environment or when the distance between the wireless nodes is far, the wireless nodes automatically fall back to operate at the lower transfer rate of two or one Megabit per second.
  •  Highest level of data encryption using128-bit Shared Key data encryption method. Lower level of data encryption or no data encryption is available to simplify your network setup or to improve data transfer rate.
  •  Supports multiple operating system platform including Microsoft Windows 95/B, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Millennium.


  •  Quickly networks your employees without the time or expense of Ethernet cabling.
  •  Networks from any location in and around the home or office.
  •  Gives you constant access to corporate resources, e-mail and the intranet.
  •  Supports the vast majority of desktop PCs Fe