If your computer is not working properly anymore or you need new and improved components

We'll gladly take a look at your "patient" in our workshop and advice you on the upgrade possibilities available to you. With some imagination and patience we can almost always find a solution to suit your needs.

By not always buying a new computer when the old one runs into problems, you can save money, do your part to help the environment and a more frugal consumption of the limited resources our planet has to offer.

Aside from the cleaning of dirty and dusty components, which is especially important for laptops, as blocked air vents can lead to overheating, and the replacement of defective components, we also conduct electronical repairs of components that other places may tell you aren't possible to repair.

Our soldering station and measuring devices are suited for analysing and replacing defective components on circuit boards. Common problems that we can usually solve quickly and painlessly include:

  • Motherboards that refuse to start due to bad capacitors
  • LCD screens that won't show an image anymore due to bad capacitors
  • Hard drives with obviously burnt-out components, diodes that were damaged by power surges or incorrectly connected power supplies. Often we can affordably save valuable data that can usually only be restored in laboratories with clean rooms, which would normally cost you thousands of francs
  • Network switches that don't work correctly due to bad capacitors

It's always a good idea to search our webshop for bargains. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us for a quote for new components.