Due to our relocation, many articles are not yet available again.

Therefore in the meanwhile we have set the quantity of those articles to 0.

If you are interested in one of them, just click on 'Notify me' and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks you for your understanding.


  • Here you'll find a wide selection of affordable computers, components and spare parts, especially for older models.
  • We also sell articles for Verein Linuxola. With your purchase you support the efforts of Linuxola.
  • Where applicable, the Linux compatibility of an article will be indicated.
  • We will install components for you upon request.
  • if you are interested in buying larger quantities please ask for a quotation

At the moment, only a small fraction of our merchandise is gathered in our web shop. If you can't find what you're looking for, have a look in the wiki for untested hardware in the category material and then send us an online enquiry.

Electronic Components


Art. No.: 004463
120,00 CHF
Vorrat: 2

Bitmain S3

Bitcoin Mining Rig

Art. No.: 004727
Vorrat: 1
Art. No.: 004714
Vorrat: 1
Art. No.: 004698
Vorrat: 1

AMD FX, CPU Cooler

Socket AM3+

Art. No.: 004694
Vorrat: 1
Art. No.: 004406
Vorrat: 1

Verifone e355

e355 MOBILE PINPAD, compact mobile payment device

Art. No.: 001028
8,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

Op/Tech USA Soft Pouch mini grau

Op/Tech USA Soft Pouch mini grau

optech usa soft pouch
Art. No.: 001027
8,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

Op/Tech USA Soft Pouch mini blue

OP/Tech USA Soft Pouch mini-blue

tenba poch1 green1
Art. No.: 001026
10,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

Tenba Vector Pouch1 green

Tenba Vector Pouch 1, Green

Tenba Vector pouch1
Art. No.: 001025
10,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

Tenba Vector Pouch1 black

Tenba Vector Pouch 1, Black

tenba dm3
Art. No.: 001024
5,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

Tenba Media Wallet

Tenba Prodigital Media Wallet für bis zu 8 Media Cards

Art. No.: 000014
2,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0

MBR3045PT, MBR4045PT

Schottky Gleichrichter Doppel (Halbbrücke) 30A (3045) oder 40A (4045), 45V. Getestet.

Art. No.: 000013
4,00 CHF
Vorrat: 0
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