Individual-PC CUSI-FX

Intel Pentium ® III 100/133MHz FSB, 40 Hdd, 512 Ram,
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FEATURESFEATURES2.1 The ASUS CUSI-FXThe ASUS CUSI-FX motherboard is carefully designed for the demanding PC userwho wants advanced features processed by the fastest processors.2.1.1 Specifications••••••••••••8Latest Processor Support100/133MHz FSB Coppermine coreFC-PGAIntel Pentium ® IIIIntel CeleronTM66MHz FSB Coppermine coreFC-PGAIntel CeleronTM66MHz FSB Mendocino corePPGASiS AGPset: SiS 630E AGPset with integrated SiS300 AGP graphics controllersupports a 133MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) and UltraDMA/66, which allowsburst mode data transfer rates of up to 66.6MB/sec.PC100/133 Memory Support: Equipped with two Dual Inline Memory Module(DIMM) sockets to support Intel PC100/133-compliant SDRAMs (available in64, 128, 256, or 512MB densities) up to 1GB.UltraDMA/66 Support: Comes with an onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controllerwith two connectors that support four IDE devices on two channels. SupportsUltraDMA/66, UltraDMA/33, PIO Modes 3 & 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA Mode2, and Enhanced IDE devices, such as DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, LS-120,and Tape Backup drives.Form Factor for Easy-to-Use PC: Designed for small-size easy-to-use PCs,this new highly flexible form factor reduces the motherboard size by as much as25% over the microATX design.More USB Ports: Supports a total of 5 USB ports for more peripheral connec-tivity options.Peripheral Wakeup: Supports Wakeup on LAN, USB, and PS/2 Mouse/Key-board.SMBus: Features the System Management Bus interface, which is used to physi-cally transport commands and information between SMBus devices.PC Health Monitoring: Provides an easy way to examine and manage systemstatus information, such as CPU and systerm voltages, temperatures, and fanstatus through the onboard hardware ITE 8705 and the bundled ASUS PC Probeor Intel LDCM software.AMR Slot: Audio Modem Riser slot supports a very affordable audio and/ormodem riser card.Legacy Free: Provides two 32-bit PCI (Asynchronous PCI 2.2 compliant) withno ISA, eliminating bottlenecks and system memory management issues. AllPCI slots can support Bus Master PCI cards, such as SCSI or LAN cards. (PCIsupports up to 133MB/s maximum throughput.)Low Pin Count (LPC) Multi-I/O: Provides two high-speed UART compatibleserial ports and one parallel port with EPP and ECP capabilities. UART2 canalso be directed from COM2 to the Infrared Module for wireless connections.ASUS CUSI-FX User’s Manual2. FEATURES•••Enhanced ACPI & Anti-Boot Virus Protection: Programmable BIOS (FlashEEPROM), offering enhanced ACPI for Windows 98/2000/Millenium compat-ibility, built-in firmware-based virus protection, and autodetection of most de-vices for virtually automatic setup.Smart BIOS: 2Mbit flash ROM gives a new easy-to-use interface which pro-vides more control and protection over the motherboard. Provides Vcore and CPU/SDRAM frequency adjustments, boot block write protection, and HD/SCSI/MO/ZIP/CD/Floppy boot selection. Hardware random number generator supports newsecurity software for data protection and secured Internet transactions.Concurrent PCI: Concurrent PCI allows multiple PCI transfers from PCI mas-ter busses to the memory and processor.Smart Networking: Features the SiS630E 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Controller,which supports Wired for Management, remote wake-up, and OnNow initiativeto reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).•2.1.2 Specifications–Optional ComponentsThe following onboard components are optional at the time of purchase:•PCI Audio: Features Cmedia’s CMI8738 3D positional audio controller withhigh speed PCI v2.1 bus controller and legacy SB16 ® DSP audio emulator.

Prozessor Computer
  • Pentium 3
Prozessor-Taktfrequenz Computer
  • 1
Arbeitsspeicher Computer
  • 512
Grafikkarte Computer
  • onboard
Festplatte Computer
  • 40
Netzteil Computer
  • 135
Medien Computer
  • CD
Bit Computer
  • 32
Bauform Computer
  • Mini-Tower
optisches Laufwerk Computer
  • CD-Brenner
Kühlung Computer
  • Luft
Anzahl Prozessoren Computer
  • 1
Anschlüsse Computer
  • VGA
  • USB 1
  • Seriell RS-232
  • Parallel
  • RJ45
  • Audio
Schnittstellen Computer
  • IDE
  • PCI-Express 2x